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How to lose weight properly: proven tips

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In this article we will talk about how to lose weight properly.

Also, after reading to the end, you will learn:

  • What to set goals for losing weight (examples)? 
  • Cons of fast weight loss. 
  • Tips on how to lose weight correctly.
  • How to lose weight effectively?

Read and lose weight correctly!

How to start losing weight correctly

When we set ourselves the goal of losing weight, we are full of enthusiasm. But we soon realize that quick results are only found in fairy tales , and this is frustrating. Often in this case, we stop chasing our weight loss goal. 

To avoid this, many psychologists and fitness trainers recommend setting specific consistent goals for weight loss. Read below for the knowledge of the correct goals for losing weight!

1. Quantitative goals for weight loss

How do you know how many pounds you need to lose?

The desire to lose weight can burst into your world at any time. For example, when you look at yourself in the mirror or after careless remarks from colleagues, or after a stormy celebration of the new year … Setting a goal to lose weight is as easy as shelling pears.

The need to lose weight is triggered by the desire to feel better both physically and mentally. But to do that, you need to ask yourself the right questions first.

Do you want to lose 5, 10, 20 or 30 kg? Do you need 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or several years to reach this goal? Consistent answers to these questions will largely determine your success .

Body mass index (BMI)

If you are determined to lose weight, then first calculate your BMI to get an idea of ​​the possibilities for losing weight. 

To calculate your BMI, use the following formula: BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m) ². For example, a person weighing 1.70 m and height 80 kg will have a BMI of 27.69 kg / m2. This person will be classified as “overweight”, which implies an increased risk of developing various diseases. 

Waist / Hip Ratio

The waist-to-hip ratio or “waist / hip index” is one of the indicators of a person’s health. Like body mass index, it can help estimate the number of kilograms that can be painlessly lost. 

For a woman, a waist / hip ratio of less than 0.80 is a sign of good health. For a man, it should be slightly less than 0.95.

For example, for a woman with a waist circumference of 77 cm and a hip circumference of 106 cm, the ratio is 0.73 (77/106), which is a sign of good health. 

Ideal weight

There are many formulas for calculating your ideal weight. One of them is the Lorentz formula. According to her, a woman, for example, 1.65 m tall, should have an ideal weight of 59 kg.

Summing up a small summary, it is important to say that the presented tools serve as a standard, you can focus on them, but in no case should you lock yourself in the shackles of numbers and calculations. 

There is no ideal weight, it is not a static indicator, it depends on hundreds of factors. The most important thing is not the numbers on the scales, but the sensations from your own body, both physical and psychological.

2. Time-bound goals

So, determined to lose weight, thanks to the tools presented above and your experience, you have determined what you need to lose, for example, 8 kg. In order to feel better and reduce health problems. Then the question arises: how long can you get rid of these 8 kilograms?

Ideally, when losing weight, it is recommended to lose between 0.5 kg and 1 kg per week . Therefore, losing weight by 8 kg. will take at least 8 weeks. After 2 months, you will improve your figure and get closer to your goals.

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However, we are not all equal when it comes to losing weight. Two people can be on the same diet, eat the same foods, but not necessarily both will lose 8 kg. in 8 weeks. Much depends on the metabolism working at different speeds in different people.

It is not uncommon for people who are overweight or obese to lose a lot in the first few weeks of the diet. But shedding the last pounds to achieve your desired weight can be extremely difficult. There are many reasons: age, lifestyle, stress, genetic aspect or hormone function.

How to lose weight correctly and effectively? One way or another, you need to stay focused on the goal until the end. Will you lose 200g or 1kg. a week, the main thing is that it is good for you, and you begin to feel better. 

Losing one kilogram per week is average. If, for example, you need to lose a lot, it is likely that weight loss at the beginning of weight loss will occur faster.

Cons of fast weight loss

However, losing weight quickly shouldn’t be an end in itself. In order not to jeopardize your health, you should never lower your metabolism (MB) below the baseline. 

Basal metabolism is the number of calories required for the body to function properly. For example, a 40-year-old woman is 1.75 m tall by 80 kg. has an MB of 1556 kcal. 

Regardless of how many pounds you want to lose, make sure that your metabolism never drops below baseline.

Losing weight too quickly often causes severe fatigue and hormonal shock. Also, when your calorie intake drops sharply, hormones in your body block weight loss. Regardless of what and how much you eat, the numbers on the scale will not change.

To effectively lose weight, you need to gradually reduce the amount of digestible calories. If you are used to consuming the equivalent of 3000 kcal. per day, reduce your calorie intake by 10% each week until you reach the desired weight loss (2700 calories in the first week, then 2430 in the second, 2187 in the third, etc., until you reach your base metabolic limit).

Correct weight loss and proper nutrition

To lose weight properly, there is no point in suffering from numerous restrictions, you need to eat right! Stop drastic diets that only cause frustration . It is better to properly balance your diet.

You don’t have to forbid yourself to do something, you need a diet based on common sense and balance. For example, if you like chocolate, eat it, but don’t overdo it so it doesn’t interfere with your goal. 

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The right tips for losing weight

So how to lose weight correctly? Let’s summarize.

  • If you are seriously thinking of losing weight, then you need to know how many kilograms you want to lose, for how long and in what way. 
  • To determine the amount of lost kilograms, BMI will help you, but at the same time, all the same, the mirror and your internal state remain your best reference points in this matter. 
  • For an effective process, set a goal of a maximum of 1 kg per week . Remember that in the case of significant excess weight, weight loss can go faster. 
  • Finally, take your time. Losing weight is not a sprint. Losing weight too quickly can cause health problems. Gradually reduce your calorie intake at a rate of 10% per week without lowering your basal metabolic rate.
  • Also, don’t compare yourself to others! Genetics, age and lifestyle have different influences on each of us.

The younger we are, the better all the systems of our body work. The more physical activity in our life, the more the body burns calories, but also in this case it is more difficult to maintain a diet. 

If you want to effectively lose weight, set your own goals, be in a good environment, and the results of losing weight will definitely delight you!

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