Best Chocolate Brownies Recipe

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If one is going to take the trouble to make chocolate brownies and incur the wrath of the Fat-god for eating them, one may as well make them right. Brownies from a box? No thank you.

I got this chocolate brownie recipe years ago from my dear friend Suzanne, who had adapted it from an Alice Medrich recipe from the book Bittersweet: Recipes and Tales from a Life in Chocolate she found in Epicurious.

Suzanne uses the same method and proportions, but instead of using vanilla, she flavors the brownies strongly with almond extract. So good! The almond extract gives these brownies a wonderful flavor, a perfect blend with the cocoa and pecans.

They are the kind of brownie that can’t make up their mind whether they would rather be cake or fudge. They’re quite dense and fudge-like, but have just enough flour and eggs to keep them in the brownie camp.

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