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On a hot summer day, you always want something cold. And these days, sales of ice cream are especially increasing in stores. We also often buy it, children, grandchildren love it, and we ourselves are not averse to eating. But if you buy it of good quality, then it is quite expensive. And the bad, with all sorts of additives and oils of vegetable origin – and you don’t want to eat.

But why buy if you can cook it yourself, and of the highest quality, and with a wide variety of flavors. There are many ways to do this. And they are all relatively simple and lightweight. Depending on the chosen cooking option, you can spend from 5 minutes to half an hour and get a product without any unnecessary additives, only from natural milk, cream, sugar and sometimes eggs.


And for this you do not need an ice cream maker, because in some recipes you just need to knock the ingredients down with a mixer, and then mix them several times either with a spoon or with the same mixer. And that’s all, after a few hours of cooling, the delicious chilled product is ready to eat. Moreover, his taste is such that he wants to eat and eat.

Our today’s article will be just about this wonderful cold dessert, and about its different types. This is a real ice cream, and creme brulee, and strawberry, and your favorite chocolate. And if you like other tastes, then they are easy to create based on any of the methods proposed today.


  • Homemade ice cream made from milk and cream – the best ice cream recipe
  • Sundae from cream and condensed milk according to the simplest recipe
  • Video on how to make homemade ice cream without cream in 5 minutes
  • Strawberry ice cream with whipped cream and condensed milk
  • Condensed milk chocolate ice cream without cream
  • Ice cream crème Brulee without eggs with boiled condensed milk

Homemade ice cream made from milk and cream – the best ice cream recipe

This is my favorite recipe, and therefore I decided to start with this story today. I have had it for a very long time, and in my recipe book it is listed as a “real ice cream”.

Later, I came across similar recipes, where this delicacy is called “ice cream of the Soviet era”, or “ice cream according to GOST.”

One thing I can say for sure, this is a real delicious cold dessert, very tender, airy, melting in your mouth. Whoever prepares it for this option at least once, he forever enters it into his piggy bank of recipes.

We need:

  • milk 3.4-4.5% – 200 ml
  • cream 33% – 500 ml
  • icing sugar – 150-200 gr
  • egg yolks – 4 pcs
  • vanillin – 0.5 tsp

For those with a sweet tooth, the second value for the amount of sugar is used, and for those who are calm about sweets, but love ice cream, you can use its first value. You can take the average amount. In general, try to cook it once, then you will be able to more accurately regulate this sweetness.


When buying ingredients, be sure to look at the percentage of dairy product, this is important to get a quality and tasty treat.

The whole process of preparation consists of three stages: preparation of the cream; whipping cream; cooling the resulting mixture.

1. The first step is to prepare the cream. To do this, separate the yolks from the proteins.

Then place them in a bowl.

2. Add powdered sugar, vanillin to them and pour in milk.

Armed with a whisk, stir the mixture until smooth. At this stage, we don’t need a mixer yet, the mixture does not need whipping.

3. Pour it into a saucepan and put on fire. With constant stirring, bring it to a boil, small bubbles will begin to appear, but it should not boil.

Fire for this should be minimal.

4. The next step is to slightly boil the cream.

When you cook ice cream with condensed milk, you don’t need to cook anything. There you simply whip cream and combine it with condensed milk. It is a binding element and a thickener, in fact, thanks to which a viscous cold dessert is obtained.

Here we cook sweet cream with milk and yolks. In this case, their task will be to connect all the components.

5. It should be boiled for about 20-25 minutes until it becomes viscous and slightly thickened from liquid. Moreover, it will need to be stirred almost constantly so that it does not burn and does not go “grains”.

Readiness can be checked in this way – dip a wooden spatula into the mixture, get it out and let the bulk drain. Then draw a longitudinal line with your finger on the remaining cream, and if it does not connect when tilted, then the mixture is ready.

Try not to form grains in the cream. If the fire is too big, then they can appear. In this case, take a whisk and work with it. In general, it is better to mix the mass with a silicone or wooden spatula.

6. When the cream is ready, put it in a bowl of cold water, leaving it in a saucepan of course. Stir with a spatula, the water will quickly become warm and warm. Then you can drain it and pour a new one.

It happens that ice is also used for cooling. That is, they put it in a bowl of water and the cooling goes faster. I choose the first option, especially since while I knock down the cream, the cream will cool down completely. By the way, you can change the water to a colder one.

7. Let’s proceed to the second stage. In order for the cream to be knocked down faster and easier, they should first be kept in the refrigerator for at least an hour. In the same place, cool the bowl, where we will knock them down and the whisk of the mixer. For dishes and utensils, the residence time in the refrigerator will be sufficient from 30 to 40 minutes.

When everything has cooled, pour the cream into a bowl and begin to beat. At first, do this at a not very high speed, foam bubbles will appear.

8. Then the speed can be gradually increased. After about 5 minutes of churning, the cream will begin to thicken. Then it will take another three to five minutes to give them the desired state. It is also called “before the peaks”. This is when non-falling peaks appear on the surface.

Well this is for my mixer, its power is not so strong. You can knock down the cream in 3 minutes, if the power of the technique allows it.

You can still check readiness by sliding your finger over the surface, a groove should remain. At the same time, try not to “kill” the dairy product, otherwise the ice cream will lose its lightness and airiness.

9. When you achieve the desired consistency, slowly pour in the cooled cream in two or three batches and continue beating at low speed.

Someone at this stage simply mixes the mixture with shovels, I knock it down, it seems to me that it is additionally saturated with oxygen, and at the same time, if there are small lumps in the cream, they will completely break.

10. Put the resulting mass into a container, or two containers.

To make it freeze faster, I divide it into two parts and place it in two bowls. Now each of them should be closed with a lid and placed in the freezer.

11. After 40 minutes, remove the bowls and mix the mixture with a wooden spatula. Then cover again and put in the freezer. Do this three times, and all in 40 minutes.

Nothing bad will happen if you stir again after 45 or 60 minutes. But don’t forget to do this. This is an important step. Thanks to him, we saturate the mass with oxygen, the ice cream will turn out to be very tender and airy.

And also this procedure will not allow small ice crystals to form in the mixture.

12. After the third time, put the containers with the contents back in the cold. This time it is already 5-6 hours, or for the whole night.

13. Finally, it’s time to try our treat. You can put it in small vases, or bowls.

Decorate to your liking – grated chocolate, nuts, jam, pieces of fresh, canned berries or fruits.

Everyone who tastes such ice cream for the first time is simply speechless. And they refuse to believe that this ice cream is made at home. Painfully it is tasty, delicate and aromatic.

Be sure to prepare it, I am sure that such a dessert will not leave you indifferent.

Sundae from cream and condensed milk according to the simplest recipe

According to this recipe, you can cook a cold dessert in literally 5 minutes, not counting the time for freezing, of course. And you only need two components for this.

The delicacy turns out to be simply magical – delicate, airy and incredibly tasty.

We need:

  • cream 33% – 500 ml
  • condensed milk – 250 ml


1. Place the cream in a blender bowl or beating bowl. As you can see from the recipe, they need to have a certain percentage of fat. This is also necessary to obtain a high-quality ice-free ice cream, as well as for its taste.

If you use homemade cream with a fat content of 40% or more, then you do not need to churn them, otherwise we will not get an ice cream, but butter.

2. Knock down the cream until stable peaks are formed. However, everything needs a “golden mean”, you don’t need to interrupt them either, otherwise the final product will lose all its tenderness and velvety taste.

3. Introduce condensed milk. Try to get them of good quality from a trusted manufacturer. Continue to beat until you get an elastic, smooth, pleasant mass.

Try the mixture, if you want the dessert to be sweeter, you can add an additional portion of condensed milk.

4. This is basically the whole cooking process. Now all that remains is to transfer the mass to a container or other suitable dish and close it with a lid.

Put in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours, it should freeze completely.

5. Then take it out and spread it with a special spoon in bowls, or vases.

You can decorate with berries, pieces of fruit, chopped nuts, chocolate chips or jam. Enjoy the delicate velvety taste in hot weather.

For the ice cream ball to form better, it is better to moisten the spoon in hot water.

Strawberry ice cream with whipped cream and condensed milk

I really love fruit and berry ice cream, and strawberry ice cream is my favorite. And here is one of the most magnificent recipes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

You can prepare it in reserve. It keeps well in the refrigerator. And whenever you want to cool down a bit, you can get it out and enjoy it.

We need:

  • fat cream 35% – 250 gr
  • condensed milk – 1 can
  • strawberries – 300 gr
  • lemon juice – 1 tsp
  • icing sugar – 2 tbsp. spoons


1. Sort out the strawberries, wash and dry. Put them in a blender bowl and beat in mashed potatoes.

Today we are preparing just a strawberry delicacy, but in general, according to this recipe, you can also cook from other berries and fruits.

2. Transfer the puree to a bowl where it will be convenient to mix the two mixtures. And pour in a can of condensed milk. Prepare a silicone or wooden spatula, and use it to mix both mixtures into one.

Send the bowl with the contents to the freezer for 30 minutes.

3. While it is cooling there, prepare another bowl and pour the chilled cream into it. Take a product of at least 30% fat, otherwise they may not go astray. If the box says that this product is specifically for churning, then it will be just fine.

Also add powdered sugar and lemon juice into the same bowl.

Sometimes people ask why you can’t add sugar to the cream? It’s very simple – powdered sugar dissolves faster in the liquid component than crystals. And therefore it will be easier to shoot them down.

Arm yourself with a mixer and knock everything into a single mixture until stable beautiful peaks are formed.

4. Now you can add the strawberry puree to the mixture. Stir with a spatula, moving the mixture from the edges to the center. After mixing, the mixture must be knocked down with a mixer until smooth.

Then put it in the freezer for 50 minutes.

5. After the allotted time, take out the mixture and beat it again with a mixer. Then put the lidded bowl back into the cold chamber. This time it will take 5-6 hours for the ice cream to cook completely.

In principle, this is the whole cooking process.

At the right time, but not earlier than 5 hours later, the sweetness can be taken out and put into vases. Decorate with fresh berries and enjoy.

This is a delicious homemade ice cream! Just lick your fingers.

Condensed milk chocolate ice cream without cream

A delicious cold dessert can be prepared not only with cream and milk. Sour cream is also great for this purpose. The treat is thick and tasty, with a light chocolate aftertaste.

Cooking it is not difficult, and having cooked it once, soon you will certainly want to repeat the result.

We need:

  • sour cream 20% – 400 gr
  • condensed milk – 1 can
  • cocoa powder – 2 tbsp. spoons


1. Put sour cream in a bowl. Try to get it in the desired percentage, and also make sure that it is quite thick.

2. Pour the can of condensed milk and cocoa powder there. If you don’t like chocolate desserts, you can skip adding cocoa.

Conversely, you can add a little more powder, then the taste of chocolate will be more pronounced, and the color of the product will be more intense.

3. Mix everything together using a kitchen assistant – a mixer. You should get an even, homogeneous mass without lumps.

4. Transfer the mixture to a clean, dry bowl and place in the freezer for 1 hour.

Then remove and mix with a whisk. This procedure will allow the mixture to be saturated with oxygen, which will leave the final product tender and airy. It will also prevent ice crystals from forming.

5. Then put the mixture back into the cold chamber, and keep it there for not an hour, but two. Then remove again and mix with a whisk. Alternatively, you can use the mixer at low speed.

6. You can repeat the procedure again after a couple of hours, or you can leave the ice cream to cool for 5-6 hours, or even overnight.

During this time, it should completely solidify to a state so that you can pick it up with a special spoon.

You can serve it with chocolate chips, or with chocolate chunks, or whatever you like.

Ice cream crème brulee without eggs with boiled condensed milk

What ingredients are used to make ice cream at home. And here is one of these options, where boiled condensed milk is used. Would you say that they don’t cook like that? How they cook! And how delicious it turns out.

And the second feature of the recipe is that here we will not use eggs, nor whites, nor yolks. Although today we have already considered other recipes without their participation.

We need:

  • cream 33% – 500 ml
  • milk – 100 ml
  • boiled condensed milk – 300 gr


1. Put boiled condensed milk into a bowl, pour milk to it and stir with a spoon or spatula until both components are combined into one. The result is a rather liquid, slightly stretching mass.

Put it aside for now, let it wait for its moment.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk the chilled cream down. As soon as they become thick, stop churning, you do not need to be very zealous at this stage, so as not to lose the airiness of the finished product.

3. Pour in all the brownish milk mixture at once and stir with a spatula, moving the mixture from the edges to the center. The result is a milky-creamy substance with a light beige tint.

4. It can be transferred to a common container and placed in the freezer to freeze.

Or you can put the mixture in silicone muffin molds. Or maybe you have special containers for ice cream. It will be just wonderful!

The freezing time will also depend on the volume of the container. It will vary approximately between 3 and 6 hours.

Then remove them from the molds and enjoy the taste.

Dear friends, I have specially collected such interesting and delicious homemade recipes for you in one article. As you can see, translating them into reality is not such a difficult task.

All you need is a little free time, and a set of necessary products. And then, you can enjoy your favorite dessert at least every day. Moreover, each time to come up with different tastes and fillings.

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