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Seven foods that reduce cigarette cravings and whether they are enough to cope with addiction.

Let’s agree that the list of foods below will not work miracles or free you from addiction. These are just the ingredients that, in coalition with your willpower, will help you quit smoking. Only one of them relieves cravings directly due to niacin in the composition. The rest are only able to interrupt her. This entire list is effective in combination and separately with the condition that in the very first stressful period we only need to hold out, not to break down and to withstand.

In addition, there is a black list of products that only fuel cravings for cigarettes. To get the effect of the list from our material, it is imperative to exclude coffee and alcohol from your life for a while. According to scientists, the higher the degree of the alcoholic drink, the stronger the urge to smoke again. For the period while the lungs are cleared of nicotine, we advise you to switch to juices and fruit drinks. Otherwise – breakdown, guilt and despair.

So what will help out in situations that seem inconceivable without cigarettes?


The main torture during the throwing period is the lack of nicotinic acid, since the body is accustomed to it and cannot live without it. So that the break with nicotine was not so painful and abrupt, nicotine patches were invented, but we recommend a more useful, simpler and cheaper remedy – eggplant. They contain nicotinic acid, but, unlike cigarettes, it is useful, for example, for the nerves. Narcologists advise eating this vegetable every day when quitting smoking. This will help avoid depression. 


Experts have found that drinking a mug of cool or warm milk before smoking leaves an aftertaste and makes the very taste of the cigarette very nasty. If you do such a manipulation before each smoke break, the body will stop enjoying the process and will soon stop loving this business.


It is advisable to cut it into pieces and carry it with you in a small container. When cravings start to plague you, place the ginger on your tongue. The piercing, burning taste of ginger will completely kill desire. In addition, smokers are more vulnerable to colds and viruses. Ginger is a natural immunostimulant with anti-inflammatory effects. It will protect the vulnerable mucous membranes and freshen the breath at the same time.


Their sour taste also confuses the mood for smoking. To reduce cigarette cravings, eat a tangerine, orange, or lemon wedge. In addition, they contain a large amount of vitamin C, which is always deficient in the body of a smoker, since toxins from cigarettes destroy it.


They contain a lot of vitamin B6, one of the tasks of which is to protect our lungs from malignant tumors. The second task of the vitamin is to make us happier because of the participation in the synthesis of the hormone of happiness serotonin. And a dull smoker quitting, as a rule, with a painful expression on his face, is in a good mood, oh, how necessary!


Another protector in the fight against nicotine addiction. It is effective in this war due to the content of sulforaphane, which prevents toxic poisoning of cells and protects them from nicotine.

And further…

Green beans, spinach, tomatoes, young squash and asparagus are very helpful. Make a salad of them and quit smoking for health. They will interrupt the cravings, waste time. Try celery for a new burst of desire. It spoils the taste of a cigarette, thereby discouraging the “appetite” for smoking. While in a cafe, you can order fresh juice or a salad based on it.

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