Tri color fresh melons popsicle

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Fresh Melon Popsicles are a great summer treat to beat the heat. Addition of honey to the melon purees is optional and can be added to any of the melon purees if they are not sweet enough or as per your taste buds. Its a healthy dessert or evening snack and a great way to feed fruits to kids. In case if fresh melons are

Tri Color Fresh Melon Popsicles Recipe ¦ How to make Tri Color Fresh Melon Pospsicle


  • 1 cup of water melon
  • 1½ cups of musk melon
  • 1½ cups of honey dew melon
  • Honey (Optional)


Puree the melons one by one in a blender, make sure to rinse the blender when changing the fruit. In case any of the melon is not sweet consider adding a bit of honey to satisfy your taste bud.

Pour watermelon puree in the popsicle molds upto 1/3 level and place it in the freezer until solid or for at least 1 hr.

Take out the mould , now layer the musk melon puree in the popsicle molds upto 2/3 level and place the wooden stick in the center trying to push it a little bit inside the frozen part.   Place it in freezer until solid or for at least  1 hr.

Take out the mould , now pour the honeydew melon puree in the popsicle mold till its full and place it in the freezer until solid. Can take 2-3 hrs or freezing for overnight is safest.

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